Treat Doubt As A Friendly Reminder


I am often asked questions about whether people are doing affirmations correctly or whether they are even working. I would like you to think of doubt a little differently than you may have been. I believe that the subconscious minds resides in the solar plexus area of the body, where you carry those gut feelings. When something sudden happens don’t you immediately get a strong feeling in your gut? It is where you take everything in and store it.

Ever since we were little children, every message we have received, everything we have done, all the experiences we have had, all that we have said, have all gone into the filing cabinet right there in the solar plexus area. I like to think that there are little messengers in there, and when we have thoughts and or have experiences, the messages go in and the messengers file them in appropriate files. For many of us we have been building up files labelled: ‘I’m not good enough. I’ll never make it. I don’t do it right. We have gotten absolutely buried under these files. Suddenly we do affirmations such as: I’m wonderful and I love myself. The messengers pick them up and say, “What’s this??? Where does it go? We’ve never seen this before!”

So these messengers are called Doubt.”Doubt!  Come over here and see what’s going on”. So Doubt picks up the message and asks the conscious mind, “What this? You have always been saying these other things.” On a conscious level we can react in two ways. We can say, “Oh you’re right, I’m terrible. I’m no good. I’m sorry. That’s not the right message,” and go back to our old ways. Or we can say to Doubt, “That was the old message. I have no need for it now. This is the new message.” Tell Doubt to start a new file because there will be lots of these loving messages that will be coming through from now on. Learn to treat doubt as a friend, not the enemy, and thank it for questioning you.

(From, The Golden Louise L. Hay Collection)

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