The Power Of Human Mind

The human mind is a composite of many qualities and tendencies. It consists of likes and dislikes, optimism and pessimism, hatred and love, constructiveness and destructiveness, kindness and cruelty. The mind is made up of all these qualities and more. It is blending them all, some minds showing one of these qualities dominating and other minds showing others dominating.

The dominating qualities are largely determined by one’s environment, training and associates, and particularly by one’s own thoughts! Any thought held constantly in the mind, or any thought dwelt upon through concentration and brought into the conscious mind often, attracts to it those qualities of human mind which it most resembles.

A thought is like a seed planted in the ground in that it brings back a crop of its kind, multiplies, and grows; therefore, it is dangerous to allow the mind to hold any thought which is destructive. Such thoughts must sooner or later seek release through physical action.

Through the principle of auto- suggestion, – that is, thoughts held in mind and concentrated upon – any thought will soon begin to crystallize into action.

Throughout the universe, there is a law of nourishment and use which applies to everything that lives and grows. This law has decreed that every living thing which is nourished nor used must die, and this applies to the qualities of the human mind which we have mentioned.

(From ‘Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules…. The lost writings)


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