The Pivoting Process Can Reorient My Life

money and the law of attraction

The Process of Pivoting is a conscious recognition that every subject is really two subjects, and then a deliberate speaking or thinking about the desired aspect of the subject. Pivoting will help you activate within yourself the aspects that you desire regarding all the subjects; and once you accomplish that, the essence of the things that you desire, on all subjects, must come into your experience.

There is an important clarification that we must make here: If you are using words that speak of something that you desire while at the same time you are feeling doubt about your own words, your words are not bringing you what you want, because the way you are feeling is the true indication of the creative direction of your thought – vibration. The Law of Attraction is not responding to your words but to the vibration that is emanating from you.

However, since you cannot speak of what you do want and what you do not want at the same time, the more you speak of what you do want, the less frequently you will be speaking of what you do not want. And if you are serious about telling it like you want it to be rather than like it is, you will, in time,(and usually a rather short time), change the balance of your vibration. If you speak it often enough, you will come to feel what you speak.

But there is something even more significantly powerful about this Process of Pivoting:  When Life seems to have you negatively oriented toward the lack of something you want, and when you make the statement “I know what I do not want, what it is that I do want?” the answer to that question is summoned from within you, and in that very moment the beginning of a vibrational shift occurs. Pivoting is a powerful tool that will instantly improve your life.

(From, Money, and the Law of attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks,  The Teachings of Abraham)

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