My 5 greatest lessons from ‘THE ALCHEMIST’

‘The Alchemist’ remains one of my favourite books and I keep going back to it from time to time. There is something about this book that stirs my soul. So, here are some of the jewels that I have discovered while reading this book. Hope you enjoy reading them as well.



Going through the vicissitudes’ of my life, I wondered about what makes things work and what doesn’t. In my desperation to set things right, the way I thought them to be ‘right’, I felt some things never change and it is all a game of fate. This is where I discovered my first lesson from ‘The Alchemist’ about the world’s greatest lie. So, what is the world’s greatest lie: “That at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world greatest lie.”



Some of my experiences pushed me to believe about mysterious forces that exist. For a long time, I was unable to articulate these mysterious forces and always considered them in the ‘gray’ area. I thought them to be more evil in nature. However, this did not deter my faith in them. May be this is the reason I came across ‘The alchemist’ which enlightened me about these forces which say, “It is a force that appears to be negative, but it shows you how to realize your destiny.”



I judged enough to have fallen in the pits where I realized I had low self- esteem. During such times I spend more time in silence and nature. I slowly began to connect and peace embraced me. This is where I encountered ‘language of the world’. Unsure and entangled with my mind, I thought I was going bonkers but, Paulo Coelho introduced me to this language; the language which my mind could not fathom but my heart knew it all.



The more I tried to anchor into my heart, made an attempt to understand it, the more I encountered my fears than my faith. But, it is during such times I realized that fear is a strange language. It may seem as though, it is taking away your powers, but it is actually pushing you towards them. In the stillness of the mind, the wisdom surfaces and this is where the veils of illusion drop away. These veils that have existed not for years but for lifetimes. And when these veils drop, all you are left with are your greatest qualities. This is a crossroad where you see your heart as a friend than a traitor.


  1. LOVE IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD: Ancient than the desert, older than humanity.

Last but not the least, the lesson that I learned was about Love. ‘Love’ is a language of the world and it will never keep a man away from pursuing his destiny. ‘Love’ stands the test of time because it is the only thing that transcends beyond the dimension of time and space. It is at the core of existence. It is that force which is instrumental in the process of creation and may be, it is the wand through which ‘everything is written…Maktub.’


This beautiful fable about following your dreams helped me understand that I cannot seek the treasure of my destiny without living out my destiny. This book stirred my soul and may be even pushed me towards my first step on my path of ‘the quest’.


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It’s time to be authentic, so step up now!

There is something about this concept called ‘authenticity’ that never fails to stir something up inside of me. Every time I encounter this word, I feel a part of me points out to something that I have never acknowledged enough.

Having enough freedom to pursue almost anything I have ever aspired for in life, I have never encountered ‘external restrictions’. But I have never realized, ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘where’ I actually started internalizing restrictions. Most of these have been made its way to my subconscious through observations and subtle stratum of judgments, layers of social dogma that envelope the consciousness and the conditioning of culture. Every single time I have found myself to be a ‘misfit’ in the given circumstances, an innate longing to either being accepted by the tribe or at least not feel an out caste has probably triggered the forming of these internalized restrictions.

So, what do I mean by internalized restrictions? It could be something as simple as following an established framework of ‘success’ or what a ‘successful’ life looks like dressing up in a manner which is not an expression of me. Sometimes the need to edify oneself because people often misunderstand humility with dumbness and so on…

However, my awareness about these placed internalized restrictions has increased. And, this increased awareness says it is time for me to stand up and just be authentic. ‘authenticity’ is just allowing your life as an expression of who you are in that moment. There is nothing wrong in being, speaking, writing, sharing all that you truly believe in. This does not come from the premise of being arrogant or ignorant either. It is from the premise of awareness.

So, as I share my views about authenticity today and if this resonates with you, I welcome you to step up and follow who you are, build your tribe, to begin with, and let the world be inspired to be more authentic. It is in true authenticity that we unmask you, clean ourselves from the layers of conditioning and dissolve our judgments about self and others, as we evolve on this journey of ‘being’.

Embrace yourself today, bring out the ‘BEST VERSION’ of yourself, as this is the only authentic thing in the ever- changing world of ‘Truth’.

It lasts only a moment. The journey of eons can be lived only from ‘moment’ to ‘moment’. May your awareness bring you many moments of this encounter with the truth.

My heart is a traitor and yet I anchor into it

Spending my time in nature, in silence and solitude I, often confront my choices in life. When I am just about to feel that this time, maybe, I know the answer, and it leaves me amazed with what shows up. By default, it comes from a space which is beyond my rational self.

Today morning while walking in the park, I decided to speak and question my heart about all the choices I have made and in the pursuit of following its guidance where is it actually leading me.  And most of the time I am frequently faced with a duality in its guidance. Here is how my conversation looks like.

“My heart I know that, you know everything and I find you as my source of wisdom then, why do you tell me stories of fear and failure?

Why do you leave me stranded in the moments when I am looking for my answers and direction to move forward?

Why do you behave like a traitor?”

As always smilingly my heart answers, “Maybe because I am alive.“


So, maybe because when your heart is alive, it will show you all that it knows. It will speak to you about everything that it has imbibed and connected to over the years.

So, when it connects to the soul of the world, it speaks of the desires and the destiny and when it connects to the mirages of this world, it speaks of the fear and unsuccessful stories of life.
So if you ever feel that your heart is a traitor, go ahead, follow the signs and tap into its wisdom, accept what the heart says ‘As It Is’ and it will reveal to you ‘All That Is’.

In my quest to follow my heart completely with faith and courage, this has been one of the simplest and most powerful insights for me. I hope that these words reverberate with you and give you all that your seeking in this moment to follow your divine guidance and go all out to be your true self, the one that creates the dent in the universe, inspiring many others to grow, excel and be that peaceful warrior of LIGHT!

In the gap, beyond my mind

I am a very curious mind. I have been always full of questions. Mystery, magic and the unseen has always pulled me towards it. Most of the times the questions have revolved around how things work in the universe, where is the source of everything and so on.

The quest of my curious mind has guided me to make choices which seem unreasonable on the surface, but have always presented me with a deeper insight and understanding about myself.

“Silence is never empty, it is full of answers.”

As I spend more and more time in silence, the need to know everything just seems to dissolve itself. It is no more about receiving those answers. At times, I feel no need for asking the ‘why’. During such times questions arise, and allowing them to pass, by just observing them brings an innate wisdom which is currently beyond the articulation of my own mind.

This is probably a glimpse into the gap which is beyond my mind and into a dimension of the creator. This space feels liberating where there are no boundaries and blocks, hindrances or dichotomy of any kind. It is just space ‘to be ’.

This glimpse strengthens my belief that there exists a state of being where one is absolutely free and there is oneness with all beings.

With this, the quest continues …..




3 most important lessons from my failures


Failures are an inevitable part of life. And whether they are good or bad, the fact is that they happen. So, here is what I would like to share what I have learned from failures in my life.


  1. Failures make you stronger: Every failure brings with itself a seed of wisdom. It is a gateway to infinite possibilities. When things don’t work out in the manner you have imagined, this only means you are crafted for something more holistic in nature. Something that brings you to the gates of abundance. (Abundance is not just limited to riches as often perceived by the social dogma. It means fulfillment of your existence)


  1. Failures introduce you to ‘The Law of Impermanence’: ‘Change is the only constant thing.’ Thus, failing is just like the change in season. And each season is important. It is important because it is a part of a larger scape of the existence. So, when you are progressing on your journey of life, welcoming growth, reaching out to endless possibilities of human existence, ‘being inclusive’ of everything, is just a stepping stone. Law of impermanence includes everything and judges nothing.


  1. Failure and success are both illusions: Last but not the least; failure is just as much as an illusion as a success. When the mind misses out on seeing the wisdom behind the event called ‘failure’, it holds on to a shallow dimension of existence. Hence, holding you back from being your Higher Self. It is like exploring the depth of an ocean when you are a salt doll. You will never know the depth of an ocean unless you become the ocean.

So, while you are journeying through life and you encounter ‘failures’, see them as opportunities to transcend these events and see beyond. Learn to ride on the ocean of life than to fear enough and anchor at the shore.


Embrace failure, embrace life.

The Moment of Dawn


During the World Economic Forum at Davos, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Shimon Peres, told the following story.

A Rabbi gathered together his students and asked them:

‘How do we know the exact moment when night ends and day begins?’

‘When it’s light enough to tell a sheep from a dog,’ said one boy.

Another student said: ‘No, when it’s light enough to tell an olive tree from a fig tree.’

‘No, that’s not a good definition either.’

‘Well, what’s the right answer?’ asked the boys.

And the rabbi said:

‘When a stranger approaches, and we think he is our brother, and all conflicts disappear, that is the moment when night ends and day begins.’

(From, ‘ Like the flowing river’ by  Paulo Coelho)

Looking At Other People’s Garden



‘You can give a fool a thousand intellects, but the only one he will want is yours,’ says an Arabic proverb. When we start planting the garden of our life, we glance to one side and notice our neighbour is there, spying. He himself is incapable of growing anything, but he likes to give advice on when to sow actions, when to fertilize thoughts, and when to water achievements.

If we listen to what this neighbour is saying, we will end up working for him, and the garden of our life will be our neighbour’s  idea. We will forget about the earth that we cultivated with so much sweat and fertilized with so many blessings. We will forget that each centimetre of the earth has its mysteries that only the patient hand of the gardener can decipher. We will no longer pay attention to the sun, the rain, and the seasons; we will only concentrate instead on that head peering at us over the hedge.

The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants at all.

(From, ‘ Like the Flowing River’, by Paulo Coelho)