i am another you


  • You don’t always need to know before you teach. Sometimes in your teaching is your greatest learning.


  • It takes a high degree of greatness to rejoice in the achievement and victory of others. Only the small live in envy.


  • When you desire to be rich you invite responsibility to add value to people’s lives. You become a billionaire when people accept and acknowledge your service to be genuine and priceless.


  • Just like life exists in the moment of balance between inhale and exhale, freedom is found in the balance of material attainment and spiritual renunciation.


  • Abundance is your legacy and spirituality is your heritage.


  • Some lessons cannot be explained, some lessons just have to be experienced by walking the fire.


  • Everyone we meet in life is a potential master; they all bring your lessons with them.


  • When fear knocks on the door and faith opens it, nobody is there.


  • You can learn life’s greatest lessons without anyone having said a word. Ad you can teach lessons of a million lifetimes with your sheer presence.


  • It is ignorance that burns; fire is just an excuse.


  • When the mid is made up, the body unites with the force of the circumstance to create the desired reality, whether it is to walk the fire or build an empire.


  • Your life is best lived when life becomes a celebration for those whom you touch.


  • You are the master and you are the student. Life will teach you both ways.


  • Happiness is a choice and when you make that choice to be happy, you can’t help but spread it.


(From the book, ‘I Am Another You’ by Priya Kumar)