Encounter with the language of nature

“And into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul…”

Nature is one of the most powerful teachers and if you are willing to take that leap of faith and dive deep into journeying within, and then there is no better teacher than nature herself. The beauty of nature and each of its elements is that they ‘just be’. They contribute themselves and serve by being themselves, just the way they are and believe in flourishing together.

Nature is a gateway that can help transcend the dualities that we live in and the illusions that we believe in. And on transcending them, you reach an avenue that breathes ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and appreciation for all, ‘As It Is’.

I love this quote by Donald Miller who said, “All the trees are losing its leaves and not one of them is worried”. Changing weather patterns may seem just like any other phenomena that we have got used to, but in these, there is an innate wisdom that can help us remove the veil of illusions that we keep living.

Each one of us has the magnificence within us and it is the magnificence that can help us connect with the benevolence of nature and experience our own expansiveness beyond mind and matter. It touches dimensions that mind may not be able to comprehend and it breathes liberation ‘to be’ and ‘allow’.

Spending time in nature and breathing its intelligence has always blessed me with some of the most powerful insights which have empowered me to walk my journey with added courage, revived enthusiasm and imbibe some more trick lets of wisdom. I feel nature connects me to the essence of my spirit and inspires me to be my best in the given moment, to live my inspiration and contribute back with a part of me to the ever- growing, ever- expanding benevolent Universe!

May today be the day that you are inspired to take that journey within, walk your path.

This Earth Day, May you encounter the language of nature – the language of alignment. While it manifests itself in the dimension of ‘cause’ and ‘affect’, May its stillness open up that gateway of wisdom and may you transcend the impurities of the mind to experience compassion and real peace.

Be Happy!


The darkest hour is just before the dawn

The darkest hour is just before the dawn. Why is it so? Have you ever thought of this before? Does this bother you and make you ask the question back at the universe for being unfair in that moment? Well, I have asked these questions. And as the answers unfolded themselves, I have been extremely grateful for these darkest hours in my life as much as the sunshine that showered itself upon me.

If you have been pondering over questions like these then, this write up could give you some insights into it. When you overcome the most dreaded and dangerous encounters, you are closest to realizing your destiny. Then, why does the soul of the world behave evil? Why does it put you through tests more aggressively and more vigorously than ever before? Why does the soul of the world try and hold you back?

The lessons you have learned on your way, while you traveled so far have become you. Mastering these lessons only means mastering yourself. And all there is to master is to embrace all that comes your way; whether it is the darkest hour or the dawn, the heart knows it all. But the dawn will arrive when you do not allow the darkest hour to have a grip on you.

It is in this darkest hour that the soul of the world gives you an opportunity to convert them into the strongest ray of light, that light which was always a ‘hope’, is now a ‘reality’, that light which was an illusion is now the truth, the light that you looked forward to, that light is now YOU!

When you embrace this darkest hour with all your heart, you transcend all the darkest hours across lifetimes. Such is the power and such is the opportunity that the soul of the world offers to you in that hour. Hence, the soul of the world is not evil, nor is it holding you back.

And yes, it is more aggressive in its nature so that you can merge and be one with it and not just live by having glimpses into it.

May your darkest hour be your strength to dissolve every defilement …

May your darkest hour reveal to you the Light that you are….

May your darkest hour thirst your quench to freedom

My 3 most powerful companions on my quest

Today, I would like you to meet my 3 forever companions that have never left my side as I consciously decided to walk my path, to follow my heart’s desires and take that risk against all odds. Although I feel if I would have known about them earlier, it would have been a different scenario today. However, divine timing is always a mystery, isn’t it?

So, let me introduce you to them and I truly wish that you find your companions on your quest soon…

FAITH:  This is by far the most powerful companion. When you anchor in faith, it feels like the whole universe has your back. You see beauty in everything around you. You see the miracle in every moment that unfolds itself and you become more acquainted with the laws of nature.

Uncertainty does not drive you crazy. It becomes a window that opens up to the truth. On this unknown, unseen path, faith makes you strong enough to break down all the shackles of illusion. You put up the ‘good fight’ to reach the root of the misery. You dissolve the cause and thereby, you stop its effects.

Faith is indeed a powerful companion that encompasses within itself the enlightened energies of the universe.


COURAGE: I believe, to be courageous is to give yourself a permission to wander where your heart takes you; the untrodden path. This companion embraces you just the way you are with an innate knowledge that you are complete. There is no void and you don’t need anything externally to complete you. There is no battle to fight and nothing to conquer outside. It helps you walk the path of madness with ease and in the light of wisdom.

Courage is the first step to discover the wisdom that you are. Wisdom is in you, wisdom is you.


SURRENDER: Surrender is beautifully articulated as: “Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.” – Eckhart Tolle

While putting up a good fight, sometimes deciding to surrender to the moment can put you in the strongest position. This makes all the difference. This is the time when you encounter transformation. And while walking your path, all that matters is ‘transformation’. Destinations are illusions because it is the journey that transforms you. So, when you surrender, you transform and this helps you fulfill your destiny.

When you start living your destiny, you dictate the course of events without planning them. You become the same power that once determined the course of events for you to walk your path.

In the end what matters is that you walked your path. So, live with the truth, moment to moment, and become that wisdom that governs all life and reach your highest potential of being human.

May you find your 3 companions that guide you on your quest to live compassionately and joyfully!

Not all those who wander are lost


When you wander consciously you are not lost. I choose to wander because I am seeking. I am seeking to understand something that I feel is beyond the comprehension of my conscious mind.

I am seeking that experience which is powerful in its nature, where it consumes and dissolves all the defilements of my mind. It makes me flow with an energy that judges nothing, is compassionate to all without differentiating. An experience where there is no place for my beliefs that I have carried on for eons within me.

An experience that does not anchor anywhere. It just flows like there is no beginning and no end.

So, when you see someone wander, do not think they are lost. They are seekers seeking a divine experience that the masters have mentioned, the enlightened minds have written about.

As a seeker, I wish that may you be blessed with enough strength to walk your quest.


It’s time to be authentic, so step up now!

There is something about this concept called ‘authenticity’ that never fails to stir something up inside of me. Every time I encounter this word, I feel a part of me points out to something that I have never acknowledged enough.

Having enough freedom to pursue almost anything I have ever aspired for in life, I have never encountered ‘external restrictions’. But I have never realized, ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘where’ I actually started internalizing restrictions. Most of these have been made its way to my subconscious through observations and subtle stratum of judgments, layers of social dogma that envelope the consciousness and the conditioning of culture. Every single time I have found myself to be a ‘misfit’ in the given circumstances, an innate longing to either being accepted by the tribe or at least not feel an out caste has probably triggered the forming of these internalized restrictions.

So, what do I mean by internalized restrictions? It could be something as simple as following an established framework of ‘success’ or what a ‘successful’ life looks like dressing up in a manner which is not an expression of me. Sometimes the need to edify oneself because people often misunderstand humility with dumbness and so on…

However, my awareness about these placed internalized restrictions has increased. And, this increased awareness says it is time for me to stand up and just be authentic. ‘authenticity’ is just allowing your life as an expression of who you are in that moment. There is nothing wrong in being, speaking, writing, sharing all that you truly believe in. This does not come from the premise of being arrogant or ignorant either. It is from the premise of awareness.

So, as I share my views about authenticity today and if this resonates with you, I welcome you to step up and follow who you are, build your tribe, to begin with, and let the world be inspired to be more authentic. It is in true authenticity that we unmask you, clean ourselves from the layers of conditioning and dissolve our judgments about self and others, as we evolve on this journey of ‘being’.

Embrace yourself today, bring out the ‘BEST VERSION’ of yourself, as this is the only authentic thing in the ever- changing world of ‘Truth’.

It lasts only a moment. The journey of eons can be lived only from ‘moment’ to ‘moment’. May your awareness bring you many moments of this encounter with the truth.

My heart is a traitor and yet I anchor into it

Spending my time in nature, in silence and solitude I, often confront my choices in life. When I am just about to feel that this time, maybe, I know the answer, and it leaves me amazed with what shows up. By default, it comes from a space which is beyond my rational self.

Today morning while walking in the park, I decided to speak and question my heart about all the choices I have made and in the pursuit of following its guidance where is it actually leading me.  And most of the time I am frequently faced with a duality in its guidance. Here is how my conversation looks like.

“My heart I know that, you know everything and I find you as my source of wisdom then, why do you tell me stories of fear and failure?

Why do you leave me stranded in the moments when I am looking for my answers and direction to move forward?

Why do you behave like a traitor?”

As always smilingly my heart answers, “Maybe because I am alive.“


So, maybe because when your heart is alive, it will show you all that it knows. It will speak to you about everything that it has imbibed and connected to over the years.

So, when it connects to the soul of the world, it speaks of the desires and the destiny and when it connects to the mirages of this world, it speaks of the fear and unsuccessful stories of life.
So if you ever feel that your heart is a traitor, go ahead, follow the signs and tap into its wisdom, accept what the heart says ‘As It Is’ and it will reveal to you ‘All That Is’.

In my quest to follow my heart completely with faith and courage, this has been one of the simplest and most powerful insights for me. I hope that these words reverberate with you and give you all that your seeking in this moment to follow your divine guidance and go all out to be your true self, the one that creates the dent in the universe, inspiring many others to grow, excel and be that peaceful warrior of LIGHT!

In the gap, beyond my mind

I am a very curious mind. I have been always full of questions. Mystery, magic and the unseen has always pulled me towards it. Most of the times the questions have revolved around how things work in the universe, where is the source of everything and so on.

The quest of my curious mind has guided me to make choices which seem unreasonable on the surface, but have always presented me with a deeper insight and understanding about myself.

“Silence is never empty, it is full of answers.”

As I spend more and more time in silence, the need to know everything just seems to dissolve itself. It is no more about receiving those answers. At times, I feel no need for asking the ‘why’. During such times questions arise, and allowing them to pass, by just observing them brings an innate wisdom which is currently beyond the articulation of my own mind.

This is probably a glimpse into the gap which is beyond my mind and into a dimension of the creator. This space feels liberating where there are no boundaries and blocks, hindrances or dichotomy of any kind. It is just space ‘to be ’.

This glimpse strengthens my belief that there exists a state of being where one is absolutely free and there is oneness with all beings.

With this, the quest continues …..