Aspire to be greater than who you are and those around you



When you aspire to be something or achieve something, you soar.  You move beyond where you are……  to a higher place.

When you spire, you change instantly, because aspiration by itself is not just a thought, it is an act. An aspiration is all about the process and not the ultimate goal. In fact, here, the journey is the goal, not the destination.

We need to set goals every day. “Aspire to be greater than what you are” simply means to say, “One thing changes today. Even if I have one thing that’s holding me down, I will change it, one step at a time”.

Changing the goal post allows you to travel. You need to adjust it and never be satisfied with where it was yesterday. That is to aspire to be greater than what you are. But aspiration has to be based on reality. Aspiration begins with where you are today. That’s setting the base line and moving up from there.

Every day, you change a little bit f you, just one thing, and you’ll be surprised how much can change in your life. Whatever you want to do with your life, change it one stroke at a time, one step at a time, hop up one ledge at a time.

You do what you can do, and you keep doing it. It’s about the little victories. Don’t try to make the big leap forward. It’s better to consistently take small, sure steps upwards than to attempt to leap and fall flat on your face.

(From “18 Stepping Stones, by Vijay Eswaran)

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