“ What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”, each time I read the above statement by Richard Bach, I am reminded of the powerful, unseen world that exists.
Sometimes, in the midst of the tousled thoughts, I fail to acknowledge this world that very much exists.
Sometimes, I am lost in the public haunt that I fail to concede the newer possibilities.
And sometimes, I am so shaken up that I fail to believe a little more than before.
It is during such times that I seek my answers and take refuge in the wisdom of nature. Nature is my guide. Nature speaks a language that cannot be misconstrued and the answers from this ultimate Master touches the core of my being.
This blog is a reflection of my quest to follow my heart. As a reader, may this blog inspire you to follow your quest and shine on!!!


If you wish to write to me, you can reach me at intothetrailsofnature@gmail.com



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