Chapter 1

  1. How it Started
    Concerning how a lonely elderly man in a Nursing Home found a friend with whom to talk. Why did he feel so lonely? Why did he feel so poor? He thought it was just him only, Until Albert arrived at the door.

The sun was shining dimly through the mist that lay between my new home and the not so distant mountains. In the garden setting, beams of orange light lit up the trees. The day had been almost breathless; no wind but a gentle breeze that filtered through the leaves. I heard leaves flutter. I felt a deep sense of despair.

There I was in the Moore Park Nursing Home after a visit from my devoted wife, Jane, who didn’t like me being in this place any more than I did. But I was eighty-five, could hardly walk and was incontinent. After a lot of discussion, the family had agreed that being here was the best course for both me and for Jane who was worn out with the strain of trying to look after me. I had been here about three weeks.

Luckily I still had my marbles and we weren’t short of a quid, as we used to say.

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