Encounter with the language of nature

“And into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul…”

Nature is one of the most powerful teachers and if you are willing to take that leap of faith and dive deep into journeying within, and then there is no better teacher than nature herself. The beauty of nature and each of its elements is that they ‘just be’. They contribute themselves and serve by being themselves, just the way they are and believe in flourishing together.

Nature is a gateway that can help transcend the dualities that we live in and the illusions that we believe in. And on transcending them, you reach an avenue that breathes ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and appreciation for all, ‘As It Is’.

I love this quote by Donald Miller who said, “All the trees are losing its leaves and not one of them is worried”. Changing weather patterns may seem just like any other phenomena that we have got used to, but in these, there is an innate wisdom that can help us remove the veil of illusions that we keep living.

Each one of us has the magnificence within us and it is the magnificence that can help us connect with the benevolence of nature and experience our own expansiveness beyond mind and matter. It touches dimensions that mind may not be able to comprehend and it breathes liberation ‘to be’ and ‘allow’.

Spending time in nature and breathing its intelligence has always blessed me with some of the most powerful insights which have empowered me to walk my journey with added courage, revived enthusiasm and imbibe some more trick lets of wisdom. I feel nature connects me to the essence of my spirit and inspires me to be my best in the given moment, to live my inspiration and contribute back with a part of me to the ever- growing, ever- expanding benevolent Universe!

May today be the day that you are inspired to take that journey within, walk your path.

This Earth Day, May you encounter the language of nature – the language of alignment. While it manifests itself in the dimension of ‘cause’ and ‘affect’, May its stillness open up that gateway of wisdom and may you transcend the impurities of the mind to experience compassion and real peace.

Be Happy!


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