Writings that stir your soul


Many times it does happen that while you are reading a brilliant piece of writing, something just seems to hit at your heart, it feels like something is nudging your soul. I have felt this often with my heart beats racing faster with every moment. It feels like something inside of me is assertive and commanding, “Look at me Now!’

I would like to refer them as ‘writings that stir your soul’. They bring forth an event, an incident or a conversation that is awaiting its closure. And when you read those words, it feels as if the time is ripe and you are ready. You are ready to see it ‘As it is’ without any pre-judgments or any form of bias and all that you are left with is a gratitude in your heart for everything that happened then.

When you find yourself in that space where your heart and mind are not just aligned but they are in complete surrender to the moment, healing happens and closure is achieved.

This complete surrender allows you to see and embrace that moment without prior expectations or attachments. There lies immense power in words you say and words that you write, especially when they have their roots in intent driven by love and compassion.

Of the many authors that I have come across Priya Kumar’s writings seems to have such an imprint on me. Her stories reflect in them not only her wisdom and humility but also her courage and vulnerability.

So, I hereby, dedicate this article to you with immense gratitude in my heart for stirring up my soul many times and encouraging me to keep walking my quest in your own unique and inspiring way.


(P.S: This is blog is not an affiliate to any links shared. The links shared only connects you to the platform where you could buy the book if you wish to read it. This is my way of expressing gratitude to the authors who have touched my life in a beautiful way)

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