Spending time in nature is the best remedy for restlessness….


Thoughts can have a tendency to overwhelm you and a web of creation can sometimes be a trap and a delusion. Such times, the restlessness may creep in and it would take enough awareness to come back and ground oneself. One of the best ways to ground yourself would be to spend time in nature.

The trees, the wind, the chirping of the birds, the sound of the waves are not just some random phenomena occurring every single day. They breathe intelligence which touches dimensions that are far beyond than what we, as humans can perceive. Their serenity and wisdom touch many realms and for eons.

When you connect to nature, you connect to your true self.  Nature presents an infinite pool of miracles in itself. It stirs your soul and spirit to connect and recognize the truth that seems to be covered in the layers of delusion.

The strength that nature possesses has the power to heal you from within. The insights from nature can mend your self-esteem and can show you your path to enlightenment; a true path to freedom. There is no end to what all it can offer to the mankind. The question is whether you are ready to receive from it. We, as species have taken this magnificent power for granted even though the existence of mankind is a consequence of nature’s compassion and kindness.

It is the time we reconnect to nature and cleanse ourselves from ill-will, hatred, animosity, and much more.

Take some time out for yourself today, go out for a walk in the park, or on the beach and let your soul wander and align itself to the wisdom that nature is.

Nature is the gateway to the wisdom and wisdom seems to reply in silence.

May your silence be fruitful enough for you to hear the truth,

May your silence gives you the courage to transcend your restlessness,

May your silence today be your true companion walking you to that innate wisdom that you are.

Love, Light & Grace!

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