I Am What I Am

We live in a society that is formed out of belief constructs. Everything starts with an idea and is developed further on cognitive concepts that are actually intangible. For example: ‘ Being perfect’, ‘being good’, ‘obedient’, ‘religious’. You cannot touch these things. These are defined as per the rules and beliefs of the societal framework.

Most of the times your choices are based on the perception to ‘Fit in’ or ‘being acceptable’. ‘I need to fit in this group/ society/ organization’, ‘I need to be accepted in this tribe /race/religion that you aspire to be part of. These tribes usually represent the consequence of your choices and most probably are influenced by the societal framework.

This aspiration or the need to be a part of the tribe may not actually come from your true desire. A very common experience of this nature is usually witnessed by most in their growing up years; In college or high school where you might have desired to be a part of the so-called ‘happening’ group or a really ‘cool’ group that is extremely famous or popular. The reason for you wanting to be a part of this group may not necessarily resonate with your desire of to become popular.

For example, You may be an introvert and would love to do things by yourself but if the cool group is an extrovert you would want to comprise on your true desire to a part of that group. And it is actually a myth that introverts are not popular. It is just a perception.

Labels such as ‘ introverts’ or ‘extroverts’ only end up creating further boundaries of discrimination and add on to the pile of perceptions, judgments which eventually penetrate right to the core of functioning that is ‘your belief system’.

So it is time for you to acknowledge the truth that each of us is born from the same divine source who is perfect beyond space time and every other existing dimension.

It is the time that you see the light of who you really are and bring out that very best version of you that which is already YOU!

The only morality that you must be concerned with is that you shouldn’t hurt or dictate anyone.

It is important to respect others opinion and it is perfectly okay to disagree. Infact when you embrace yourself with more acceptance with all that you are, without brushing justifications of who you are, you end up doing the same for others.

When you embrace your true self you make that space for others to do the same in their time and understanding of themselves.

You are a reflection to others as much as others are a reflection of yourself to you. So as you walk that step towards your true self, you lead to inspiring others to do the same.

Diversity is a true beauty. I see it as a reflection of the infinite possibilities harmoniously working and evolving together to better the experience of every existence. I believe bringing harmony in diversity is an opportunity for each one of us to imbibe and explore the experience of true ‘Oneness’.

Be bold, be who you are and shine brighter each day inspiring and encouraging everyone to be that LIGHT.



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