101 Ways to Transform Your Life : Thought 14

thought 15 final

The language of nature is a mystery that really intrigues me. Every single time that I am amidst nature my heart sings joyfully. I feel welcomed and there is a glimpse of unconditional acceptance of who I am, the way I am. The wilderness amazes me. The magnificence of nature does not make me feel mediocre, inspite of my presence that seems so insignificant in front of this universal splendor. However, this grandiose makes me feel humbled with her acceptance of me and reveals to me that my presence is way beyond what it looks. It is truly significant. It allows me to merge not just with the beauty of the creation but also with the vision of the creator, in a way that every cell of my body feels that oneness. There are no barriers within mind, body and soul. No barriers between what lies at the inside and that which is visible at the outside.


This experience of oneness gets every cell of my body to believe that I am truly limitless in every aspect. It makes me feel powerful beyond measure. This divine power brings me closer to my true self; the higher self. This true self is a piece from the creator himself.


As I feel the breeze, I feel it brings down the veil of ego and all of its allies and what remains is just nothing. The ‘me’ dissolves in the oneness, where ‘I Am’ is ‘I Am’.


Such glimpse into the divine oneness is a therapy.

This therapy reduces the chaos of the mind.

This therapy brings one closer to one’s true self.

A therapy that inspires one to live through inspiration, the natural flow of the creation and the creator and become a conscious co-author in this ever – evolving consciousness and universe.

This therapy also helps you live freely, ‘To be in this world and not of this world.’


My encounter with nature brings in the present and takes me closer to ever lasting peace.


You must live in the present,

 Launch yourself on every wave,

 And find your eternity in each moment.

                                    -Henry David Thoreau


When one achieves the alignment between the mind, body and soul, it is a step into eternal freedom. This is freedom from all barriers of mind.

The breath that you breathe is the thread that connects your physical existence to the invisible realm, which is beyond the eyes to see. Being in nature helps you become more aware of your own existence. The silence and sounds of nature help you go deeper within yourself and become the answer that you are seeking.

 It is time to get back to nature and drink its beauty and imbibe her wisdom.

“Sell your cleverness and purchase your bewilderment”

– Rumi

 I open my heart to anchor this wisdom of nature and purify my mind to live freely. Nature has been my greatest teacher and will always be!

 So spend time in nature today and each day. Learn the art to live in the moment and discover living in eternity today!!!

 A tribute the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer,                                                                                                J’adore Interpretation

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