101 Ways to Transform Your Life : Thought 13

thought 13 final

‘What you think about expands. Inner Bliss is your blueprint. Thoughts create reality!’
-Dr. Wayne Dyer

What you think expands. ‘Thoughts become reality’. Thoughts are one of the most important tools of creation in life. However, thoughts that are truly in alignment with your Higher self, ‘The Impersonal Self’ will actually whittle out your path leading towards experiencing Inner Bliss

Inner bliss is a state where illusions disappear and what remains is the oneness between the so- called ‘You’ and Your Higher Self. ‘I’ referred as the EGO self is a separation created and can be dissolved by mere willingness. This Higher Self that causes the experience of the inner bliss is a blueprint in life that unfolds in every moment. Just like the power of focus reflects the strength and depth of one’s abilities, repetition of thoughts expands it into an experience of the very thing that you are thinking about.

 ‘Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action which makes it the architect of accomplishment’ – Zig Ziglar

Thinking is the key that unlocks the doors of many avenues. The nature of your thoughts would thus determine the kind of avenues you would then experience either in form of events or circumstances that unfold in your life.

Hence it is important that you reach that alignment within yourself to bring forth more thoughts that open the doors of the avenues that unravel this inner bliss.

Inner bliss does not mean that there will be no obstacles to overcome, nor does it mean that you become oblivious to what the circumstantial facts are around you. It allows you to remain centered and rise above and see from the perspective of its purpose to show up rather than just witnessing it as an unfolding event.

This inner shift then goes on to create a reality which is true alignment and reflection of thoughts.

Thoughts create experiences. Experiences bring blessings either in form of fulfilled desires or unseen lessons that nourish your soul. Experiences or events create a reality in this dimension of life of time and space that we seem to be living from moment to moment.

Inspired moments are those which break all barriers at conscious or subconscious level. When one has inspired moments in life, Life happens for you and not to you. There occurs a great shift within where you now acknowledge your most authentic self, seeing it ‘As It Is’. This is that dimension where energy flows through you and everything in consciousness seems to expand and you step into a new world, a world of possibilities and a world of being limitless.

How does one experience such inspired moments? Well, most often than not the answer to the questions that begin with ‘How’ are found in the realm of magic. Realm of magic is a place where there exist infinite possibilities which the human ‘unawakened’ mind is unable to comprehend them, but it surely exists.

Thus, the string that connect the realm of magic and the experiences of the fulfilled desires is in the question of ‘WHY’

When you have an answer for the question as to why would you want to live life through inspired moments then, you would have entered this realm of magic creating experiences that bring inner bliss.

So if you know and feel that you want to live an inspired life because this is an authentically joyful way of living then all you need is ‘Willingness’ and ‘Courage’.

Willingness to walk the path and courage to walk that unseen path!

May you embark on your journey and live your authentic self as your blueprint unfolds for you the experiences of inner bliss!!!

A tribute the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer,                                                                    J’adore Interpretation


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