Talk is Cheap…. Or is it?

talk is cheap

Every time I talk and open my mouth, I am making a choice: will I use my power of speech to heal, or will I use my words to hurt?

It is said that the power of the words we speak can be sharper and deadlier than a knife. A knife can only damage a person physically, whereas the words in your speech can damage a person emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can create more permanent damage internally and leave a wound of suffering.

A knife can only cut or kill the body, whereas a powerful speech can cut, or even kill, the spirit of any person. Such is the power of a cause.

Yet words can also be the best form of healing and inspiration to the soul. Through inspiring words, we can achieve the impossible.

People inspired by words are motivated to make changes within themselves. No mountain is too high, no sea is too wide that we cannot climb or swim. Nothing is impossible with a inspired person.

Inspirational words are food for the soul. This is what we can truly live by. Every person wants to be inspired by words. We need recognition, praise, and gratitude.

“I love you.” “Thank you.” “ I care for you.” “Please.” “I appreciate you.”  these are some of the most powerful words in the human vocabulary.

There is a cliché’ that says, “talk is cheap.” But it really isn’t, because every time we open our mouth, there is incredible worth attached to what we say. It depends entirely on how we value our words and opinions.

So the next time you have to open your mouth and use words…. Think twice… the reason why the Creator gave us only one mouth and yet a set of ears, eyes, and arms, is so we can, or should, always hear twice on both sides before we speak… look twice before we speak…think twice before we speak.

If you have nothing good to say to anyone, then it’s best to just shut up. Only open your mouth if you have something good to say that can inspire or correct someone to be a better person.

People so easily give their opinions even without being asked. That is why opinion is said to come so cheap. However, if a person only gives an opinion when it is solicited, his opinion becomes of value to the recipient.

Talk is valuable, make good use of it. If you want to be a good talker… be a good listener first.

(From ‘The Gem Collection, A compilation of wisdom’, by Joseph T. Bismark)

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