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What is ‘character’?

To me, it is the most fundamental definition of a person. It is what differentiates us as humans. It is our very essence. It is what guides us in our journey from being a ‘nobody’ to becoming a ‘somebody’.

How then does one build character?

Character-building begins with our thoughts. Thoughts translate into words. Acting on our words forms habits. And over time, habits shape character.

Character development is a continuous process and is so important in our lives. Whether in the business of life or the business of work, the reality is, our journey is all about relationships and teamwork.

Remember, you are the leader of the team you build. And if you seek to build a team that lasts, as is the goal of every leader, it is important to have a rock solid foundation of a good character.

True, every person is unique. We are all born under different circumstances and go through different life experiences, all of which contribute to shaping our character.

While some take on leadership roles effortlessly, there are many who feel they lack the qualities of a good leader. This is where character-building helps.

Generally, human beings are unconsciously attracted to people with good qualities. Virtue, compassion, goodness…these are just some of the qualities people seek in others.

Remember, whether we want it or not, our character comes across clearly and transparently to anyone tuning into us, consciously or otherwise. So avoid falling into the trap of pretentious behavior just to impress someone or achieve short term gains.

To be really successful, be honest with yourself, and with your people.

To be an effective leader, build that character in yourself that you would like to see in your leader.

“There are many ways to build your character. One way is to conquer your fears.”

(From the book, “The Gem Collection – a Compilation of Wisdom’ by Joseph T. Bismark)


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