101 Ways to Transform Your Life : Thought 8

Thought 8:  God does not want us to love God, but love each other.

Stories and myths have done their bit of leaving us ‘humans’ completely astray in understanding the truth about God.

Somehow religions are the new organizations that have been set up, with each one trying to promote their idea of God. However, the value system behind each mythological character seems to have been lost in this establishment and rise for power through religious concepts.

 The only way one can go about finding the truth for one self is by looking within. As Rumi has so aptly said, “Follow your heart and it will never leave you astray”

Today we are living in the world that is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness. Consciousness is on the rise because it is time to get connected to the laws of nature. The ‘heart mind’ is said to be the space where one can establish this connect to begin their journey in discovering the laws of nature.

At every level we are experiencing separation either through caste, creed, religion, gender or even the elite v/s victims and so on and so forth. Unless we realize and accept this truth that everything is connected and the only truth of existence lies in ‘oneness’ and ‘unity’ not from a personalized interest or mission but from humanitarian perspective, we shall never understand ‘suffering’ in its true sense.

We have got busy worshipping and loving the materialistic form of God but somewhere have forgotten the essence of its values that says- love not me but each other.

Each and every person that walks into our life is a reflection of something that exists is in us. People come into our life either to teach us a lesson or to bless us.

This is the time to accept our self as we are and grow further. This is the time to break the boundaries of judgments while we allow each one to follow their divine inspiration on this journey.

Having love and compassion for each other allows the divine inspiration to flow through us. It is when we transcend beyond worshipping the idols of the divine and imbibing the values and lessons that they lived for. It is when we become the living example of these values, living it day in and day out we become a gift in our self where we offer to all those who cross our path and helping them become the very same divine inspiration that once flowed through us.

‘When I become a channel of service, I am always there where I can serve the most. This is the consequence of surrender to master plan’

May you be the channel of service where love and compassion are the values with which you serve!

There are no enemies but only ignorant beings. May you be the Light to help others be that Light!


(I have immensely learned from the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and I still do. These writings are my tribute to his teachings.)


Thought 4: See beauty, appreciation and fullness of God in everyone than judging it.

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