101 Ways to Transform Your Life : Thought 7

We are living in a fear based society. Fear breeds insecurities where uncertainties are looked upon not as an adventure but something which might encounter us with unpleasantness. Somewhere this whole web of emotions gets one to seek self- importance. This self importance leads one to chase after things that will ensure momentary satisfaction and nothing beyond. This phenomena of mind is somewhere superficially termed as happiness.

The ancient truth says that the more you go after chasing things the more it eludes you. This is so aptly described by Dr. Abdul Kalam, I had a sparrow as a pet but it flew away one day. Then I had a squirrel but it ran away too. Then, I planted a tree and they both came back.’

Whenever the feeling of anxiety and nervousness starts to overtake you, think what you can offer as a service. When you think from this perspective of what can I be of service for and how well can I serve’ will bring you that happiness, peace and harmony within! This vibration elevates from being abundant from inside. When you feel this abundance inside you, all you radiate and see around is abundance in every form. This is when you allow the nature to peel away the layers of societal pressures and rule book definitions.

According to psychiatrist and fourth director of Harvard’s Longest Study on Happiness, Robert Waldinger, happiness comes from just one surprising thing, which is, when you have happy and satisfied relationships. So invest in relationships. You don’t give it your all to receive back, but you give it your all because you feel abundant.

However the cycle of the nature is such that when you give, you even receive in abundance. So today don’t chase anything or anyone instead become that someone who radiates that which magnetizes it towards you.

Embrace the ‘You’ and you will find happiness in you and around you!

May you feel this joy within you today and everyday!

(I have immensely learned from the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and I still do. These writings are my tribute to his teachings.)


Thought 3: “There are no accidents in your life – be in ‘awe’ and ‘bewilderment’ each day – appreciate it instead of judging it!”

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