101 Ways to Transform Your Life: Thought 6

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that wisdom probably is acquired from application of knowledge that brings forth the experiences lived. Experience enriches your soul and strengthens you from within. It is the nature of your spirit to evolve and explore your true potential that you can achieve in that moment.

For experiences to unfold, you encounter all kinds of people and circumstances on your journey of life. Sometimes pain eludes wisdom and you are unable to see beyond that experience. But unless you transcend beyond your experiences, wisdom remains undiscovered. If there is one such powerful thing that can help you transcend pain and feel beyond this, it is nothing but the act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not just for others, forgiveness is just the ability to gracefully accept ‘All That Is’ , as it is and help you move further and rise above the clouds of right and wrong and see it just in the absolute totality of its creation.

You sometimes get wedged with things when you see it through the eyes of the ‘should have’s’ and ‘it could have been done this way’. If only each of us could imbibe that everyone is doing their best in the best possible capability of that moment and carry the aspiration of experiencing their true potential as seen in the eyes of the creator, all of the creation will not just evolve but evolve in harmony.

Forgiveness is release from emotions of guilt, anger, fear, grief, disappointments. These emotions are energies that don’t empower you. They dis- empower you from the truth of ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Who Can I be’.

‘Who Am I” embodies in itself the truth that you are limitless. This experience of being limitless is a state of being not to overpower but to serve. Serve to lead and empower. But unless you forgive you shall fail to see the magnificence of this true power that forgiveness brings with itself.

It is an act that requires your heart to grow further to release all that is stored inside that no more serves you. It is an act of ‘letting go’ and becoming as the experience has transcended into wisdom and when it transcends to wisdom you can transcend to becoming – you live the I am that is within you!

So give yourself a chance today to forgive and release all that which is holding you back and make this journey beautiful.

May you experience the grace and strength to forgive not because they deserve but because you choose peace.

(I have immensely learned from the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and I still do. These writings are my tribute to his teachings.)

Thought 2:  “Everything is inward – universal intelligence. Look inward than outward.”


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