101 ways to Transform Your life : Thought 5

THOUGHT 5: “Be peaceful and listen. Meditate. All answers are within.”

Silence is like still water. When you spend time in silence you end up seeing the reflection of your thoughts in that stillness and this requires one to have courage to be able to see it ‘as it is.’

Spending time in silence doesn’t mean that you achieve control over your thoughts. Spending time in silence requires being an observer. Each one of us have our ‘shadows’ – that part which is often suppressed under the disguise of ‘bad’ but unless it is allowed to surface up, one cannot go ahead and clean it; rather transcend through it.

Every thought is driven into action only when one reacts to it.

To ensure control over one’s thoughts could be difficult as one never knows what is coming up next until it appears in the realm of the mind. However, one always has a choice; a choice to react from these thoughts.

Being peaceful is a choice we always have. This choice is easier to embrace when we practice silence.

The thrust of things around us, which would trigger the anger and resentment, is almost negligible when we spend this dedicated time in silence. Hence it is extremely important to experience this peace in silence and then moving further transforming, where you become ‘peace’.

God resides in each of us since we are all created from Him! And silence is one of the languages He communicates with. Spend that time in silence and encounter your strengths and underlying greatness of your existence through His eyes!

May you encounter and experience the light within you as you spend that special time in silence, dedicated to your own existence!

(I have immensely learned from the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and I still do. These writings are my tribute to his teachings.)

Thought 1: ‘A seedling has treeness in it when you put that in the ground!”

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