Don’t you think its Time?


We, the humans have been too busy off late just looking at ourselves as species. Somewhere we seem to have lost what it takes to be just a being; a being of love and light; a being that is empowered not to prove and rule but to be compassionate and bring harmony.

It saddens my heart and I ask myself often that, why are we becoming so self centered, not considerate and loving enough to our fellow beings in nature. Aren’t we arrogant not to acknowledge this fact that, whenever a single species dies out, something within each one of us dies as well?

This planet is complete when it flourishes together with each habitat evolving together. Maybe this concept of living together harmoniously may look far-fetched today because we have built layers of insensitivity around us and ignore the plight of our fellow beings.

Today I suggest that you take a moment and let your heart feel what you see in these pictures. There is enough and more on this planet for each one of us, let’s share and make it more abundant. When He the creator put all of us together, why are we fighting a scuffle believing that resources are scarce? This battle is not required; a battle that will leave us lonely and a battle which inspite of winning will only be one of the major losses for us, burying humanity forever.

pic 1 dont you think its time

pic 3 dont you think its time

pic 2 dont you think its time

Don’t you think it’s time? It’s time to be more caring, time to spread and share joy and space. Time to love more and be the Light!

Think about it. I feel this is the time. Let’s make this one of the most beautiful planet to live in. A planet of harmony and peace!


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