Cries of a Warrior

cries of  a warrior

A warrior is and will always remain a warrior. His tears never define his weakness but are always a glimpse into the strength of his heart.  His lesions are his marks of glory and tenacity. Hence cries of a warrior have lessons that can teach us if we look beyond the layers of obvious, the conditioning of the judgments and beyond the eyes of this material world.

Cries of a warrior are strong enough to resonate within us that string of tenacity that we seem to have forgotten ourselves.

Cries of a warrior never transpire loud for the ears to be heard but are silently strong to stir into the stillness of mind and ripple down into the guts.

Cries of a warrior are never ugly but are an epitome of beauty for they arise from the spirit of his being. A being that himself is a message to the world that it is not the ‘winning’ or the ‘losing’ of the battle that matters the most but it is the intent of the fight, the faith in the fight that he must fight for.

It is the duty of a warrior to fight, the fight for which he has been chosen for. Each one of us have a warrior inside of us and the only way we can nurture it is by fighting the war, choosing each battle wisely along our way.

These deep cries of a warrior never surface for the world to see in the times of adversity but they are encountered at the pedestals of the success in the very spark that shine in their eyes, that radiate in the very aura that they carry with. They surface up in applauds of the crowd, as until now they have been enclosed safely in the treasure chest of their heart. They stir the soul and awaken the warrior that resides in all those who have now glimpsed of them through his story.

Cries of a warrior are found not in the triumphs of success but in the successful survival during his journey.

Have you encountered this cry before?

Have you encountered this warrior in you before?

Are you crying the cry of a warrior?

Well then it is time for you to shine. In the darkness of the path that you seem to be walking, don’t look for light from outside to facilitate, be that light!

Lighten not only the path,

                   But begin the journey of enlightenment

Let your cry of a warrior, awaken the world around!

Let the cries of a warrior bring out the hidden beauty of strengths.

Let these cries not seem to be a plea to the guardians of the kingdom of Almighty, but let these bring an acknowledgment from the heaven above; from every essence of the creator and creation Himself! The acknowledgment that this warrior is now transformed into a warrior of light! This light of the warrior connects every being and the source of the very being; this light of love and peace.

Let the cry of a warrior turn into a light of love and peace,

Let your cry awaken the world within to world outside!!!!!

I am a warrior, are you with me?

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