YOLO : You Only Live Once!

yolo finalEach day is a new beginning.

Each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to start fresh. Most of the times what we end up missing out is the outlook that we carry towards it. I have often heard about the saying that grass seems to be greener on the outer side. However, I have only come to believe that ‘Grow where ever you are planted’.

In this new year, I decide to aspire more, to arise more from the daily stupor. Imbibe in me that it is important to act NOW as I carry my belief in my vision. Each day brings in a new challenge, in turn a new opportunity to work on one’s own craft. As I walk my journey I intermittently keep reminding myself of this beautiful verse from Gita, where Lord Krishna in midst of the battlefield to Arjuna that,

‘I am time grown old

Creating world destruction

Set in motion

To annihilate the worlds,

Even without you, all these warriors

Arrayed in hostile ranks

Will cease to exist.


Therefore arise,

And win glory!

Conquer your foes

And fulfill your kinship!

They are already slain by me.

Be just my instrument

The archer at my side”.


To me I have only one foe that is me, myself that stops me for believing and working towards my belief. And winning epitomizes fulfillment of my dreams.


May you welcome each day with the same zeal and enthusiasm as you rejoice in hope in the moonlight and embrace the first ray of the sun!



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