The Flow and the Pause

The ‘flow’ is the beauty and the ability to unite within. It is to be able to experience the oneness with every single experience that comes your way. When you are faced with the obstacles, as you perceive them as obstacles; most of the times they are there for you to overcome them. To overcome them and realize your own desire to experience that oneness that is to follow. The oneness with that experience will only be experienced when you go beyond it or rise above it.

For few other times when things get really tough, and there seems to be a no way out, it is an opportunity designed for you to pause. ‘To pause’ and reflect is not a sign of weakness. It is a need. It is that crucial time that will help you then have a clear vision. It is for you to have a sharp focus just like a beacon cutting through the indistinctness that exists in the mind. And what exists in the mind reflects in the surroundings.

The ‘pause’ is required to flush out these thoughts and experiences that smear the lessons. It is by itself an act of forgiveness for yourself and people around. It is in these moments of pause that you realize about your own strengths. It is a way that reveals to us that weakness can eventually thaw into the realm and power of intent. Weakness when surrenders itself to the power of Intent becomes strength. And all the surrendering that ever happens only happens inside and within. When you surrender to what looks outside of you in form of a circumstance, person or situation it reflects as a weakness.

Pause is the time to mirror and acknowledge the conflicts in your mind and heart; the very anxiety that surrounds the body. Pause is the time to confront them and then get in the flow to conquer them. Conquer them with Love.

 When the conflicts within are conquered the world is conquered. This is the only world that one can ever conquer. The world outside when understood from the realm of Higher consciousness, is nothing but inner worlds of each human being in unison. We are eventually a part of the whole. Each part ensures the whole and this entire whole exists in each part of us.

This is the beauty about the Flow and the Pause. They are not the contrary to each other. They in fact are the strengths to each other. The one cannot exist without the other. When they come in unison they go to create Magic. For magic is unknown to the eyes, but known to the mind; and then magic leads to miracles. Miracles are unknown to the mind but known to the soul.

In the realm of the Flow and the Pause,

From the known to the unknown,

From magic to miracles,

From body to mind,

And From mind to soul

So let it all ‘flow’, and it is this ‘pause’ that taught me to flow.

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