“Adopt to the pace of nature : her secret  is the patience.” Beautifully put by Ralph Emerson.

While this is true, I find it very ironical in my opinion to grasp this fact. Today the way we are heading towards the changes and the emergence of the new ways around us, in every single sector of work to every aspect of our existence, career, technology, relationships to spirituality…. it is an unbelievable pace towards change. I have felt every day is a new revelation in either of these and I am amazed at it every single time. While I pull myself to cope with the pace to grasp, understand and implement am already looking at a newer possibility and a horizon to begin with…. The irony is ‘the pace’ is unbeatable and yet the secret to deal with is ‘The patience’…..

I have always looked for things around me in Nature to find my answers. She is my true inspiration and my best teacher. I believe every element of nature designed has so much to teach.   ‘Trees are the endless effort to speak to the listening heaven’, this thought I hold very close to my heart and I love it. They teach me patience, they teach me to remain grounded while I have the powers to reach out to the sky and embrace each one in my arms with care and love…… they teach me to grow every single day, till the time there is life and keep silently performing and contributing to making a wonderful place. They instill in me beauty and serenity and make me feel strong every single time I feel the thunderstorm of change around me. They teach me to hold on tight to my roots of the belief system, each time I know there is a downpour and I am getting cold. It tells me to have patience and watch out for the sunshine and the rainbow as, that is the next best thing after the downpour.

They tell me that, ‘ I do see man made high rises around me who can reach out  and kiss the feet of the sky that I may not be able to ‘ but I don’t feel disparage about it as I know,  I have been the inspiration to help you better it . I may not be soaring as high as you but my speech connects me to the heaven and the distance doesn’t matter. Silence is one of the most beautiful languages and there are no barriers between me and the listening heaven.’

So every time I feel the world is going faster than I can think, the pace is racing faster than my heart beats, I go back to nature and I find my answers and inspiration. I come back, more peaceful, stronger and as a ‘peaceful warrior’ that will grow to fight every single stumbling block that comes in way to making myself better and contribute to making a little more beautiful place around me……

I will use this pace to learn more from nature as none other than Napoleon Hill says,  “ Nature yields her most profound secrets to the person who is determined to uncover them”. And I believe I can uncover them.

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