My Inspirations

Life is the most beautiful thing and it is its essence that brings in a lot of belief. Every dew drop on the blade of grass inspires to live graciously and does not think of it being insignificant for its purpose is to help the grass breathe and grow. Life answers in its own way and nature and is the best book that each of us can read that will make us fly higher and grow infinitely from within to reflect this ever expanding consciousness on the outside.

I would like to share few things about nature that truly inspire me to be bigger that what I see. When I see the waterfall, it only instills in me the grace and a fall that is an epitome of dignity and elegance. This ‘fall’ does not define itself as a  failure as it falls to rise, rise above and rise beyond as its touch to every rock, to every mortal gives it a life….

                            A life to live and enjoy,

                            A life to thank and learn,

                            A life to appreciate and build,

                            A life that makes a world of giving…

Trees around me teach me the language of silence, which further inspires me to with hold the treasure within my heart. While it stands to give shade when tears roll down the cheeks, when rays are harsh and no wind blowing, I instill a belief in me that I can and will grow as the skies above calls me saying you can reach me and will always be there until you make it right here.

I learn from the humongous sea that holds the secrets of life and answers saying this vastness is not only me but the very same is contained with you. The horizon is only as far as your desire to reach it. So reach out while your desire, aspire and dream. This will make you stronger. Dreams are the winds that help you sail while you reach your horizon and discover your achievement and while you achieve it, it is not just the fruits that you will cherish but the journey that will grow you, and you shall see yourself tall on every challenge of your life.

I hear the voice of the sea saying, ‘Then you shall be as vast as me and you will carry the waves of liveliness; you eyes shall sparkle like the twinkles on a full moon light. They will be a reflection of who you are.’

In the reflection of who you are, the silence is louder, where you heart speaks and touches lives around you, just infinitely!

                  Yes, between the woods and meadows,

                 Sea and the trees,

                 Which are enormously huge and I am the insignificant tiny,

                Nature whispers in me: Love and caress each life around you,

                Just like I do to you.

ME – may look insignificant tiny but is significantly powerful!

Let the ‘ME’ in you shine and let the inspiration flow through you just the way you have been inspired!

One thought on “My Inspirations

  1. Thank you so much Dhara for such a nice message….Really I also started feeling n experiencing a lot from Nature…universe has abundance of everything just need to get inspired from it ..Thank you.


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