Are You a Brave Soul?

are you a brave soul

Brave souls are those that wear the blessings of Almighty as armor on them. Brave souls are those who walk the path without expectation. Brave souls are those that believe in conquering only through love. But sometimes these brave souls do lose their battles. Not because they haven’t got it right. Not because they are not equipped. It is because in times like these they find themselves imbalanced. The imbalance is between the universal ‘giving’ and ‘receiving.’ And when you brave soul find yourself imbalanced, tears roll out. These tears are not a mark of weakness, they are a souvenir of the bravery that nature wants you to see for carrying its mission as yours. For embracing the challenges and being a part of nature’s army.

At the same time it is also important to relax and release yourself with the burdens that you might have mistakenly taken up on yourself in these turbulent times. Remember you are a brave child of God, and that His rewards are mystic. They may not come in from the people or circumstances that you expected. You might end up feeling lonely while walking on this road. So you brave soul in times like these pray to Lord that you are able to still see the gifts that He sends you even when your teary eyes ensures a muddled vision. It is during these times that you must allow yourself to glide on the rainbows of the sky, on the magical carpets that angels bring to you, allow your spirit to show you the power of healing that it carries in itself. It contains the whole universe only if you allow it to show it to you.

You my brave soul is chosen and when you are lonely allow this spirit of yours to show you the ‘whole’ that you are. You will then be a creation of His ideas and the world will applaud at the birth of ‘J’adore’ that they see. You will never be alone as you then are friendly with these rainbow skies and magical carpets, the angelic realms. Those that seemed unknown are now known and exploring the unknown is familiar. While you acknowledge and cherish the experience of all the ‘known’s’ that are familiar to you….. you grow in the every expanding universe.

You brave soul transcend from just being brave to a soul that now nourishes the ‘Soul of the world.’ You now meet your fellow soul mates who have been awaiting your arrival. And you share a companionship that which never fears losing each other but awaits this transcend hereon into various dimensions into becoming the LIGHT….

Brave soul as you are now will unify with that divine LIGHT: The divine unification that is awaited in the realm of heavens …….

(J’adore in French means that which is beyond Love)

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