Success as defined is achieving one’s aim , favorable results to the efforts , triumph etc. However, success for me is an experience. It is YOU v/s YOURSELF at any given point of time. It is irrespective of the journey or the path taken. This may vary for each one of us and is unique in its nature if seen and felt closely. It is beyond achievement for me and more importantly realizing a true potential; A stretch to self limits, A realization of the power within.

Success eventually brings power. Power is synonymous to supremacy. It is the supremacy of the intent that it carries with it. The intent is to reach out to people beyond one’s own self. The responsibility of the faith that commands of millions of people, the accountability of the persistence it demands. It is beyond competition to others, resentment and jealousy. This may bring power but not success. Success brings contentment, which eventually channelizes the commitment beyond value. No matter how much I try to put it into words, but for me success is just an experience where I travel through all of the above emotions to realize the potential within. Success starts with picking up a goal; it starts with the first step taken in the journey until I reach the finish line. It is a beauty to be discovered in the challenge that I come across, till the point I appreciate the achievements and the challenges equally. For this completes the cycle. There is no value of one without the other. The sun shines bright and spreads the light and at the same time at the dawn, welcomes the night.

I feel the only way I can plan my success is to start the journey and welcome every experience. Let it shape me into the being I wish as I surrender to the Will of the Almighty, as I put my best fight each day. This was belief that I carried with me, but I have seen and felt the success stories myself, not once but couple of times on my journey. The best is I carry in my heart the experiences of ever loving V partners to people I work with day in and day out. They have enriched my belief by sharing the treasure from their heart, giving me an absolute insight to what it takes to be a Warrior and what goes in the making of a success story.

I am and will always be in gratitude to each one of them who have contributed to my experience.

I believe that success is in for each one of us, all we need to do is win the day’s battle


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