Why Do People Quit?


We, all beings, are born from the same Divine powerful light that made this incredible universe. Each one of us is designed ‘equal’. ‘Only few are the chosen one’s’, is a myth that we are usually surrounded with. The truth is that each one of us is designed and born for greatness.

If the above is true then why do people quit on the journey that they chose to embark?

                             Why do people fear their own light?

                             Why does courage seem to fizzle out along the way?

Have you ever thought about one or more of these questions? I have, and today as I reflect I feel this could possibly be the reason, ‘Why do people quit?’

Quit on the career they wanted to pursue, quit on the relationships, quit on the smaller things each day and sometimes quit even on life.

We all live in a belief driven universe. This is true as per the laws of the universe. Most of us have imbibed in us beliefs that have their roots anchored in failure, fear and most of the times in this thought that, ‘I am not good enough’. We start feeding this illusion more and more each day instead of breaking free from it.

Where do we imbibe these beliefs from? The answer to this question is that we imbibe it from everywhere and everything around us. Most of the times we imbibe through silent observations and also through varied conversations that each one of us has every single day we live. We start living our life through eyes of those whom we are surrounded with. Unfortunately these days, we are surrounded with more critics’ than those who would go beyond the current results and help us see our potential. Those that acknowledge and applaud all that we have done and at the same time inspire us to become better.

No, I am not against critics’; I am nowhere saying that they are not required but all I am saying is that we can be more encouraging and appreciating while we express the need for improvement. We can be the one who imparts more courage to those around so that they can shine in their true light and greatness.

The law of the universe states that, ‘True greatness’ is the absolute truth that which resonates and vibrates in the realm of love, peace, joy, harmony and gratitude. And the greatness born out of this realm can only make a better world, away from the walls of the ‘rights’ and the ‘wrongs’ and the need for the law that justify them swathe in the need to have absolute control.

People ‘Quit’ because they are too worried and trapped into the judgments about themselves acquired from others opinions. We can change this and it is extremely simple to do this. Just 2 things; they are small in actions but extremely significant and will bring about those ripples of empowering beliefs.

  2. BELIEVE IN THE GREATNESSS OF THOSE AROUND YOU. Appreciate a little more, encourage more often, smile more and be the reason for someone else’s smile a little more often.

This doesn’t require one to spend millions, all this asks is a little more belief in creating a better world. This only asks us to see life as abundant and there are ‘millions’ for each one of us in every aspect of our life.

(‘Millions’ here mean abundance in every form. Abundance of wealth, health and all those beautiful things that takes root in our heart)

People ‘Quit’ because they are scared of our judgments, a judgment that shouts out saying, ‘You are not good enough’.

Remember when we judge others we don’t define them, we define ourselves. We destroy the winner in us and slaughter the Winners around us.



Have a beautiful day as you encounter Winner in you today!!!


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