The battles of the mind transpire the sphere built for the battles for the soul. There is a vast difference between the two.

The battles of the mind include only the dimensions of the planet that you are born in, however the battles for the soul transcend every dimension that the mind could possibly know off. It is the unison between the two that leads to birthing of miracles. Miracles are born through acceptance and acknowledgement of the imperfections that mind sees. Inspite of these acknowledged imperfections when the mind decides to move that extra mile on the journey, soul supports by providing the very anchorage needed. This powerful anchorage holds the mind every single time it goes astray with the worries that bring forth its own imperfections. It is the beauty in this relationship that defines magnificence in living the purpose.

Your soulmate could be one of those blessings that you may encounter that takes you closer to that anchorage. The battle for the soul is only to ensure that wins over the battles of the mind. The mind can see the ‘seen’ and the soul sees the ‘unseen’. The balance between the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’ brings the balance in the outer being of existence.

Wisdom chooses the channel to introduce itself to the world. However the channel is always asked its willingness. Humans are the beings of free will and it is the choices that will define us in our living. There are different laws and decrees to fight this battle that you have decided to be a part of. Even though the willingness is expressed in words, it is tested by you accepting to walk the journey and live the experiences laid out for you. Yes, it is the willingness that is exhibited through the action of walking the path that brings out the ‘chosen one’ in you. The reason you become the channel is because you then comprehend the significance of the experiences that you have lived. It is an answer to your seeker – the mind. However, the real understanding resides in your heart as it has felt every part of the journey. It understands beyond the right and the wrong and the rational. It is irrational according to the laws of the mind that bring you these insights. Hence they are called insights. You need to go beyond the obvious to be able to look within.

Hence you must never belittle yourself with the ogle of what seems as failure for it was only a test; the test for your willingness. Rewards are just to recompense for the willingness that you showed to walk that path of unknown and the unseen. The beauty about walking this path is that you begin to appreciate the familiarity in the unfamiliar territories. You appreciate these not because you know them, but because you have now become the strength, not because it seems easy but you have now become that greater force that can touch through mere intentions and not because it is a great adventure that adds that spice of thrill against the possibility of the boredom that could enter, but only because you now have willingly joined the forces of the cosmic militia ensuring bequeath into the ever expanding collective consciousness of each existence that enables it reach in the every possible dimension of the cosmos.

Welcome to the journey of willingness to join the forces of the cosmos!

The wise men on earth have said that ,’Don’t pray for things to be easy but pray that I get better’ this is premise of where it comes from. When things get tougher they ask for your willingness to walk through it.  It is then you encounter the wings of comfort that bring you the wisdom from the realm of the wise!

So let there be light around you and then let there be light in you as you take on this journey of battles; battles of the mind that lead to surrender of the soul!


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