THEY COME FROM TIMES LIVED WELL ENOUGH!


Each creation is unique as it is born from that very spark of the creator Himself. The creator who we may refer to as Almighty, “All That Is”  If everything that the master planner designs is unique than why do we fail to see that very uniqueness in the creation of His beings.; in us and our fellow beings?

When you are born with everything that defines you as a being as per the material laws of this world, you are also born with the most extraordinary knowledge to use it and explore it at its best. A gymnast is born the very same body that each one of us is, however he trains himself uniquely to discover the flexibility in the very rigidity it once had. Discover the Rhythm till it beautifully resonates to create a visual symphony. This visual symphony is only a physical evidence of this resonance with the creator’s spark shining brighter making it look so miraculous in its nature. If you agree upon this, than the question you need to ask yourself is: “Why can’t the very force that is driving the body to fragment the existing rigidity into a beautiful cadence of flexibility create beautiful symphonies of creations through itself and in every aspect of life”?

The soul knows it all. It is born from All that Is, making a ‘YOU’ to be able to shine bright to brighter, till this very spark turns into a flowing current of Inspiration. This Inspiration touches every fragment of the being within, moving and expanding to bind the fragments outside into one whole being.

Life is an inspiration and when YOU live this flow, You INSPIRE!!! You not only inspire your fellow beings but you inspire the very life that once created you, but now to create through you. This comes from surrender in you, anchoring in that very spark and faith in Him.

Each experience, each surrender, each anchoring that occurs in every moment that you are living contribute to the collective consciousness causing it to expand. With every occurrence of this expansion is born a NEW CREATION, waiting to channel through to make its presence feel in the very material aspect of life. It is this physical evidence of the manifestation that offers an anchor to the fairly lost souls that for some reason have been trapped in the illusions of the material world. (Pls note: material world referred here are in reference to the most beliefs that people carry that serve no more or do not resonate with the divine laws of creation). It is for them to then rebuild that beautiful divine connection taking them closer to the spark and clearing the clouds of illusion, seeing themselves beyond their body, through their mind into their soul.

You have acknowledged that your fingerprints are unique but most of you have forgotten the same about your own FOOTPRINTS!  The beauty about footprints is unique as that is shows its evidence in the material world when you walk the untrodden path, or the path less traveled. This path carries your  footprints for you to see unmistakably and not getting mobbed by the herd, making its impression beyond the sands alone and transmuting further into the ‘Sands of Time’; into the collective consciousness, encouraging many to embrace their own uniqueness; leading to newer beautiful creations!

Let your mind walk those untrodden paths for the paths to appear to you. Every footstep that you take, YOU create that very path; ‘YOU’ make that path appear! Live it to love it, love it to live it!!!!




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