the power of choice 1


For a very long period of time, I always believed that my life was always governed by the circumstances. All that happened in my life was a result of some external power. I believed that I will get only that I deserve, little did I know that I had a choice to ask and accept the best for myself and my loved ones.

It was only after series of incidences that one fine day, I decided to reflect. When in life we are faced with the storms that test us, we always have a choice to stay back, face it and fight it or run away from it. It is during such times, I realized that I always have a choice in every situation, in every moment of my life. It is the strength of my desire that will determine which path I choose.

This is one of my favorite stories that I heard when I embarked on my journey of entrepreneurship.   There were two seeds that were rolling down a hill. Each of them managed to settle at a place facing the other separated by small stream between them. As the years passed by, one happened to grow huge and mighty. The beauty was breath taking, with branches, leaves and fruits. It almost enamored of every visitor that passed by that place. On the other hand, another seed grew up with a fairly strong trunk but still trivial and insignificant in terms of beauty and strength to that of its companion.

One fine evening, the whole region was wrapped by an unstoppable storm. The nature’s fury left almost everything devastated. However, to one’s surprise, the mightier and beautiful looking tree couldn’t escape this ferocity. But the most astonishing sight  was that this mightier looking tree was resting on the insignificant one. It is during these times, the insignificant looking tree was asked, ‘When everything around couldn’t stand the rage, what was it in you, that you managed to not only stand it, but are also supporting the one that looks mightier than you?’

To this the trivial looking tree replied, “When everyone around was busy growing their fruits, I was busy growing my roots”.

It is always the strength within, that can determine whether we Perish or Survive.

Build boundaries of reality around us, or create exceptions.

Blame or take our responsibility of our actions and all that affects us.

It was and eventually is always a CHOICE. I decide to choose wisely, as I believe that I create and design my own reality.

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