Lessons from – ‘The Wake’

lessons from the wake

 When we come across certain thoughts, they seem to resonate with something within us and our body responds to it in a peculiar way. I would like to share one such thought,

“The wake of the boat can never drive its speed”

As soon I read this, I felt a lump in my throat. It somewhere resonated within me very strongly. I felt every nerve and every cell responded to this thought. While I worked towards welcoming newer experiences, the beliefs seemed to be rooted in the past understanding of things. I never realized that sullied energies of the bitter experiences can never create a beautiful future, until I let go of them. Until I wash them away. I replaced forgiveness with forgetting. Only to discover this doesn’t work.

And ironically no matter, how beautiful the wake may look; it still cannot be used to create newer better realities. I must drive my vision with newer zeal and enthusiasm. The drive is in each moment, it is in the NOW. I must allow every positive beautiful thought to resonate the same way as this one, every cell and nerve must feel alive, and this will further create those newer stunning experiences.

As they say, ‘We cannot touch the same water twice, as the flow that has passed will never pass again‘. We will never be able to live that same moment twice.

Let each moment be filled with more passion to live each hour, let the surprises of the master plan unfurl as to witness the magic of living!!! To believe, that we are not a drop in the ocean but can be the ocean in the drop.

Each moment from now on be the Unbounded- the Limitless; the Unlimited Us!!!!


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