Often the mysterious secrets of nature carry the greatest learning. The beauty about this mystery is that it never hides itself. One requires hearing the silence and these mysterious secrets shall unfold. One such element of nature that I hold very close to my heart is the waterfall.

 The only fall that epitomizes the grace, the fervor, and elegance. It falls to rise in the eyes of those who see the beauty. It falls to rise to reach the soul of the world that grows. The higher the fall, greater the beauty, only if we can look beyond the mere act of it.

This which seems to be an antithesis; I understand it as Rhythm. It is the rhythm of life. It is a magnificent cadence of the action and intent. It’s a pulse that resonates with the cosmos. The space where, ‘the how’, the why’, ‘the when’, ‘the what’ takes a back seat. It is a language guided by the inestimable intelligence.

This teaches me that when I journey to follow my passion, I must welcome the failure with absolute acceptance. This acceptance is that pulse in the rhythm of purpose which will make me more graceful. And follow the beats of life with joy. In the due course, it is this fall that shall make me stand tall. With Passion in my heart center and vision rested in the mind center, I must allow these to blend themselves and allow the rhythm to unfold.

I believe we all have our own rhythm. It’s unique for each one of us and must be allowed to flourish in its uniqueness. It is in this uniqueness that the universe resonates to create breathtaking mysteries, once again for us to be a part of it, until we learn to create it.

 Join me to rejoice in each unique rhythm that is pulsating every moment, in every corner of this cosmos!!!!

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