Sacred Flame of Madness

scafred flame

Madness is something that our conscious intelligence fails to acknowledge in the realm of senses that it understands. I believe each one of us is born with this spark within us.  The best place to perceive this is in the eyes of a child. We often call it as the reflection of naughtiness to acknowledge it at the least. This sparkle in the eyes that shine, I call it as the scared flame of madness…. Passion!!!!

We all have this spark in us. It is only over the years when we live, sometimes within the boundaries of social conditioning that we once again journey on rediscovering this flame within us. Eventually, when we realize that the journey is about igniting it again and allowing it to shine further.

Someone rightly said if Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way. It is when we allow our conscious intelligence to surrender to the higher light of our passion, the path brightens up, the alleys that we dreaded once reveals its mysterious beauty, and it is on this journey that our soul grows.

This scared flame of madness will burn away the beliefs that which no longer serve us. It will demand for many things that we must let go. It might cause disruption to the surroundings as it never fits in the conscious intelligence of minds around. What matters is that we allow this sacred flame to remain ignited within us.

I believe we must impart on this journey in spite of all odds around us. As Albert Camus says, “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”. The best way we can keep this spark alive is to remind ourselves of the fairy tales. I love fairy tales. Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us dragons exists, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten…

Let’s embark on this journey where passion drives us each day of our lives to live. Where we look forward to what each new hour has to bring us. Where we create our destinies and light our path through this sacred flame of madness, called PASSION!!!!!

Be contagiously passionate in every act and let’s unfold this world into the magical wonderland!!!

2 thoughts on “Sacred Flame of Madness

  1. I have perused through some of the blogs and I agree with the content because of having experienced some of it.

    I believe amongst organized living there must be an associated mischief. Logical progressions are necessary for task completions but a restless mind will seek beyond. I called a controlled transgression of logic as mischief.

    For want of words I called organized mischief as creativity.

    Fear prevents the restless mind to explore. Civilization will create policies to ensure co ordinated living. The flip side is that unquestioned behavior and execution of rules. Inventions are but a dissatisfaction to the status of solutions.

    That universe whisper truths for those that seek to hear.

    Keep it up . Will follow your blog for it is questioning what we take for granted.

    Ravi Athalye


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