Become limitless

Transcend from limiting beliefs to becoming limitless…

Each day of our life is sum of the moments we live. Sometimes we pull through, few other times we really live. Each moment is eventual manifestation of our beliefs. Beliefs gathered through self experiences and / or through social conditioning, through one or many lifetimes. This is the ingredient that ensures how we go about creating our experiences. Each occurrence is a result of cause and effect. Everything revolves around the very fact that my thoughts are the cause and results are the concluding effect.

Repetitious incidents in my life over a period of time, made me trace back to the cause. And it is best described in a word called belief. No matter how unpleasant or difficult it was for me to accept that each occurrence was a subsequent result of my creation.  Jim Rohn aptly said, ‘Many of us curse the effect but nourish the cause”.  Hence it becomes even more important to guard and protect all that which births this cause.

The only thing we must guard is our mind and all that enters inside. It is the root, through which our beliefs grow, that which manifests what we call the reality. Reality is nothing, but that which we choose to experience at a conscious or sub – conscious level.  With an understanding of this, I choose to focus more on my desires that I would like to experience. Universe has infinite ways to allow the manifestation, only if I can eradicate what I call them as limiting beliefs.

Alan Watts said, “You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”  I hereby imbibe a belief that I am just not a part of this limitless, abundant and vast cosmos, this very cosmos is in me.

Hereon, a new journey begins. A journey that invites these experiences, experiences that ensures nurturing the roots, fostering newer boundless beliefs, moving from frontier to being limitless. It is about making a significant difference, restoring disparity to parity, from indifference to love, from discord to bringing about the unison.

I, hereby inculcate this thought shared by Richard Machowicz, ‘I want to be the cause of an effect rather than be the effect that was caused’. Join me on this journey, embrace the newer beliefs, and let’s write our destiny.  May the magnificence unfold from the central to the peripheral touching each life around!!!

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