Magic Moments


Have you ever experienced a sweet look, special feel, compassion, some crazy energy rush, sudden breeze ruffling your hair, fluttering butterflies, a lovely phone conversation, a painted sky, and first rays of sun?  Well, I have experienced these. And I call them the magic moments to say the least. Magic moments are the sparks that visit us, taking us closer to our being, making us feel special and happy. These ignite within us a light that guides our pathway to our purpose and give us an insight to the reason of our existence.

I believe God creates magic moments each day of our life and in the most mysterious ways. The beauty lies in the secrecy of its visit. All we need to do is pay close attention to these signs. I call them the signs of nature, the language of eternity!!!!!

This language is known to us. All we need to do is welcome these mysterious experiences and acknowledge them for us to hear them more often. The beauty of magic moments is that we can have as many as we want. Initially we learn to recognize them and then, when we know them well enough, we become one with the infinite intelligence to create them.

Nature treasures these in each of its design, thus creating countless chances for us to encounter and learn.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand,

And Heaven in a wild flower,

Hold Infinity in palm of your Hand,

And Eternity in an Hour”

                                                            William Blake

Ever since I read these words by William Blake, they have resonated deep within me. They bring to my consciousness the beauty of the unison. It is the unison between the splendor of nature and magnificence of human acumen. As they have been created by Him and eventually are parts of the whole.

I hereby, look forward to more such magical moments and in due course create several more. Cheers to this mystery that nourishes the soul.

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