Visit @ Core of the Intent

I believe Willingness, is one of the most powerful derivatives of love. It inhabits at the core of Intent. Stronger the intent, greater is the will. Greater the will, the universe does it best to manifest it into reality. Reality is therefore, a creation of thoughts. Everything is in the universe is governed and moved by the very intensity of the thought that is generated.

Universal laws determine and enlightened minds have shared the same.  “Thoughts create things”. “It is who we think we become”. Knowing the power that the above facts contain, I always questioned why I find it difficult to manifest the reality that I so desire.  Well, the answer lies in the very fact that I question this reality…. While thoughts are born out of aspirations, inspirations, I feel they are also maligned by the experiences of the past. The purest form of desire is always rooted in faith. It is the faith that ensures the willingness to see it happen.

I, therefore see, Willingness as the seed of the desire, that which lies at the core of Intent.  As we begin to nurture it in the due course, the universe designs the how’s to ensure its manifestation. However, my failures have helped me notice the flaw in this process.

The only flaw in this process is that the human mind focuses more on the  ‘ how’s,’  eventually weakening the power of this very seed… The Will!

I hereby, resolute to remind myself , as so aptly said by M.K. Gandhi, “ I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet’.

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