The Alpha and The Omega

the alpha and omega final

Into the secret chambers of the creative mind lies a route that reaches us to the language of soul.  As described amazingly well by Neale Donald Walsch (In Conversations With God – book one) that the only two words that exist in the language of soul are Fear and Love.
These are the opposite ends of the great polarity created into the universe by the Almighty. Each feeling and emotion underneath the thought of the human mind comes from either of these.  These are the words that reside in the language of soul. If each thought and the eventual action is from the premise of Love, we shall not only experience but create miracles in each moment that we feel alive.

We cannot identify that we cannot relate to. Hence, we relate to each of these. It is only when we are willing to look deeper, shall we understand where we have currently positioned our self. I used to believe that the journey of life lies in discovering and rediscovering who we are. However, with the experiences that I now encounter I feel; it is more about creation than just discovery.

Our soul is a part of, what is called as the soul of world and we communicate through love. Love is the language that is understood not only in our world but is the universal language that governs the Infinite Intelligence. This binds every creation, in every plane and each dimension of the universe.

As Rabindranath Tagore rightly said, “Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict”. It is when we listen more often to the derivatives of love that we shall eventually reach the ultimate premise and the process of creation would than come in the alignment of the divine order. Unless we allow these theories to be an experience, speculations can’t be disregarded.

With the very understanding, I welcome newer experiences, as they take me closer to a deeper understanding of this polarity, and eventually to the most beautiful progression which is the evolution of

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