Do you fear uncertainty?

I am someone who takes decisions more from my instincts than logical and rational thinking. The spectrum of these decisions varies from my career to personal life and even in my day to day decision making.  ‘Planning’ as a concept doesn’t seem to work well enough for me. So, my relationship with uncertainty goes a long way.

Sometimes my hesitation seems to be a constant companion breeding vagueness in my thought patterns. ‘Have I drifted away?’ is a question that would seem to have made a  permanent space in my mind.

This web of creation was beautifully addressed by George Santayana, who says, “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

This opened up a new perspective for me to see the uncertainty. I can now see beauty in uncertainty.

 This fear towards uncertainty can always be turned to faith in the universal law of change. As change is the only constant thing.

I hereby, wish that may you see this beauty in uncertainty and may your light dissolve your fears.

May you embrace change, ‘As it is’ without any attachments or defilements.




2 thoughts on “Do you fear uncertainty?

  1. Truly said , it’s fact that I should not interfere between master plan , just go woth flow as then only i can enjoy the procees . Thank you for wonderful thought


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